Langley Seniors Community Action Table

The goal is to create healthier and more vibrant seniors through collaboration and partnership. Its objectives: ... to increase seniors' engagement; ... to ensure seniors' voices are heard by the City and Township of Langley; ... to empower seniors to conduct monthly meetings; ... to develop partnerships among populations of seniors, and raise awareness of senior's health. This work is being done through the Langley Seniors Community Action Table, a group of community members, service organizations, and agencies that facilitate seniors' mobilization, leadership, and involvement in the Langleys.


Meetings occur the third Wednesday of the month at Langley Seniors Centre unless otherwise announced.  To be added to the email list please contact our email


Program name (alternate):  LSCAT

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Geographic areas served: Fort Langley, Langley


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This program was last updated on 10 Apr 2018.